The Columbretes Islands nature reserve comprises 4 groups of islands of volcanic origin lying 24 miles off the coast of Castellón. It is classed as a nature reserve because of the great richness of its flora and fauna, as well as the immeasurable beauty of its sea beds. Sea birds such as the Audouin’s Gull, the Eleonora’s Falcon and the Common Shag inhabit these islands, while in their waters thrive Laminaria algae and red coral, among many other species.

The archipelago has a total area of 19 hectares, most of which belong to Illa Grossa, the only inhabited island and the location of the Columbretes lighthouse. La Ferrera, La Foradada and El Carallot form the other island groups.

This little Mediterranean paradise lacks any tourist infrastructure, but it’s a landmark destination for diving enthusiasts from around the world. The islands can be visited by groups subject to prior agreement, with a boat departing from the port of Castellón.