Oropesa del Mar’s best natural areas include exceptional coastal enclaves such as Orpesa la Vella Cove and El Retor Cove, with sandy beaches and cystal-clear waters protected by beautiful cliffs where you can relax and get away from it all. Another outstanding area are the hills of Serra d’Oropesa, a natural rampart lying towards the west that protects the area from severe weather, offering you winding paths and stunning overviews of the fields of orange trees and other crops that extend around the locality. From here, you can link up with other routes that will lead you to another of the beauty spots that borders Oropesa del Mar – Desert de les Palmes, a vast nature reserve that will reward you with Mediterranean forest landscapes and panoramic picture-postcard views. Finally, there is Monte Bovalar, a hill that gracefully caresses the sea and rises next to the leisure port. On its summit lies El Mirador (the viewpoint), from where you can gaze upon the Columbretes Islands when the sky is clear.