The Coastal Greenway runs between Oropesa del Mar and Benicàssim, passing along the old railway line of the train that used to run along the coast between the two towns. Almost 6 kilometres long (5.5 km of which lie within Oropesa’s municipal boundaries), it’s suitable for both cyclists and pedestrians (including people with reduced mobility), as it’s surfaced with asphalt along some stretches and with compacted gravel along others. From Oropesa del Mar it is accessed via Calle Tramontana, at La Concha beach, while from Benicàssim it can be reached via Calle El Palassiet, next to Voramar beach. You can also get there using public transport, taking the Castellón-Oropesa-Castellón bus route, getting off at La Concha beach (500 metres away from the access point) or at the Les Platgetes estate (1 km away from the Benicàssim starting point). It passes through natural beauty spots of great environmental importance, such as the surroundings of Mount Bovalar (with its indigenous vegetation and Mediterranean pines), the coves and rock pools at La Renegà beach and the area around Les Platgetes de Bellver. Along the way, you can stop at rest areas like the one at Bovalar, with its benches and bicycle parking. Along the route, you can also see some of Oropesa’s cultural heritage, including Cultural Heritage Sites such as the Iberian Settlement of Orpesa la Vella and the Torre de la Corda and Torre de la Colomera watchtowers.

In Oropesa, the Route begins from the rest area at Calle Tramontana, perpendicular to the Seafront Promenade at La Concha beach. You will be greeted with panoramic views over La Concha beach, El Retor cove, Orpesa la Vella and the Leisure port. The metallic bridge that crosses the entrance to the Leisure port is the prelude to the tunnel which, with its 600 metres, provides access to La Dona gulley through Mount Bovalar. The path continues clinging to the coast, with various rest areas and viewpoints. Torre de la Corda lies to the left and can be accessed via a small pathway. At this point, La Renegà unfolds under our feet, with its rocky coves and rugged coastal landscapes. A sweeping viewpoint leads to a hidden landscape that culminates in another balcony over the sea and Torre de la Colomera, which stands on a mound. The Oropesa section ends with a brickwork bridge among native vegetation.